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image-0001SafeTstretch is the next generation product, making a great addition to the Wrapstik family of products, and adds on to the already remarkable benefits of using the Wrapstik, and Wrapstik 2.0 product.


SafeTstretch is stiffer and sturdier than conventional wraps, has greater load holding force which leads to less load shift during transit, and is easier to use.




SafeTstretch Features & Benefits:

  • Greater load holding force (less load shifting during transit)
  • Easier to use, costs less per load
  • Less film required to secure the pallet
  • One of the thinnest and least expensive pre-stretch wraps
  • available in the Market
  • Reinforced edges for better holding force
  • Puncture/Tear Resistant
  • Lightweight rolls for minimal fatigue

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