Super strong construction built to last in the most demanding applications.

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Cost Effective & Efficient.Quick ROI Due To Reduced Worker Injury, & Reduced Wrapping Time.

Reduces Damage

Reduces product damage claims resulting from loosely wrapped pallets.Saves time on wrapping-wrap in under a minute versus 2-2.5 minutes with a D-ring or by hand.

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Economical Cost

Economical cost providing immediate return on investment. WrapStik is 10-15% more efficient than hand wrapping and saves you money due to use of less film.

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Easy To Use

Quick change of stretch rolls with a patent pending quarter-turn bottom loading mechanism.Do not need to disassemble unit every time you change rolls/solid.

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What Our Clients Say

Since we started using the WrapStik, our injury claims from hand wrapping pallets has gone from one a month to zero. This is the most superior way to hand wrap a pallet and cost justification is a no brainer due to reduced injury and happier warehouse staff. -Louis H., VP of Logistics for a Major Retailer